7 Effective Exercise Tips To Make Weight Loss Easier for You

7 Effective Exercise Tips To Make Weight Loss Easier for You

Weight loss is a difficult journey but always proves to be rewarding. Most people know of the struggle.

It feels great to be going on track, seeing results, till your weight loss suddenly seems to hit a plateau. It’s not an uncommon problem; anybody who has tried to lose weight would know what it’s like.

Pushing past a plateau to continue on your weight loss journey can be another challenge, especially when one has little to no idea about the right way around it.

Is it the diet? Is it the exercise? Are there ways to optimise your nutrition and workout plan to speed up the process of weight loss?

Best weight loss tips to lose weight easily

No doubt, there are plenty of weight loss tips available on the internet, but we’ve gathered some of the best pointers to help speed up the process for you.

1) Increase the intensity

Steady-state cardio exercises are the go-to for anybody venturing into weight loss.

While it is no doubt an effective form of exercise, research has shown that plyometric, i.e., explosive modules of exercise are more effective in torching calories, subsequently contributing to weight loss.

HIIT routines are easily available on the internet if you’re looking to get in those short, intense bursts of power.

2) Add more minutes to your workout

While experts recommend at least 150 hours of exercise a week, up to 250 hours a week is ideal for those looking for weight loss. Try increasing your daily minutes, and watch how it aids with shedding pounds.

3) Rotate between strength training and cardio

Just do them both. Most people prefer to do their cardio routines before or after their strength routines, either as a warm-up or to end their routine.

Studies suggest that a combination of both forms of training is most effective for weight loss. The more muscle mass you have in your body, the more calories your body burns while at rest. Win-win!

4) Increase movement during the day

Small, non-exercise activities that happen throughout the day also play a significant role in how many calories you burn daily.

This is called non-exercise activity thermogenesis or NEAT. Health experts always recommend increasing daily movement with small changes like taking the stairs, walking short distances, cycling to work, etc., to increase the calories burned in a day and promote weight loss.

5) Choose a time of the day

The best way to make time for your workout, is to make it part of your routine. Pick a time of the day solely for exercise, and stick to it as you would for your normal everyday routine. Doing this will ensure you stick to your workouts.

6) Try out different routines

Sticking to just one routine can be monotonous and eventually!boring.

Change things up with various routines and programmes to stay motivated and to present your body with a shock to facilitate more weight loss.

7) Boost your metabolism

Trying out different routines and forms of training also ensures that your body goes through all stages of developing muscle, improving endurance and burning calories, thus boosting your metabolism.

A faster metabolism means more calories burned during the day.

Weight loss isn’t easy, but it’s a rewarding experience, for sure.

It feels great to accomplish something you work so hard for, especially something as important as losing weight.

Taking that step towards a fitter, healthier version of yourself is a responsible action, and if you stay on track, you’ll achieve the results you want.

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