Cut out the negative thinking and be more optimistic with these 5 tips

Cut out the negative thinking and be more optimistic with these 5 tips

When the going gets tough, it’s time to turn to positive thinking and optimism in order to cope with stress, anxiety, and the lot.

What’s the secret to a long and healthy life? If you’re inclined to say a balanced diet and exercise, then let us tell you that you’re almost there. Because while your food intake and activity levels do impact your quality of life, the secret to a health life lies with positive thinking.

Believe it or not, optimism has a host of health benefits that you just cannot do without. In fact, from giving you better immunity and boosting your stress response—here’s how positive thinking can improve your health:

It can improve your coping abilities

Optimism can help you move past challenges, helping you approach them as changeable, external to yourself, and not self-defining.

It can boost your immunity

Positivity can help fight disease and boost your immune system.

In fact, optimism was found to be linked with a lower risk of dying from infections, such as respiratory disease.

It can help you deal with the covid-19 pandemic

Positive thinking decreases anxiety, helps you sleep better, and motivates you to do better—all things we need to cope with this uncertain covid-19 pandemic.

Now that you know optimism is good for you, here’s how you can inculcate it in your life

1. Check-in with yourself

Throughout the day, notice when a negative thought starts running through your head. Just noticing where your negativity tends to focus itself can help you identify opportunities for positivity.

2. Stay active

Regular physical activity helps reduce stress and anxiety, making it easier for you to see the bright side of any challenge. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise every day, and focus on a healthy diet that nourishes your mind and body.

3. Meditate without fail

Just 10 minutes of meditation every day can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve your health, and aid more positive self-talk. Mindfulness is another powerful tool to improve your mental and spiritual health.

4. Surrounding yourself with positive people

If you’ve got a close friend, co-worker or family member who tends to spread negativity, their pessimism could become contagious and raise your stress levels.

So it is imperative that you try to surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive, and who you can trust to give helpful advice and feedback.

5. Practice gratitude

Gratitude can help reduce stress, improve heart health, and give you a better night’s sleep. Not to mention that wonderful sense of appreciation for the things and people that makes your life great!

To summarize, sometimes life throws you curveballs that aren’t easy to get through with a smile. Even though practicing positivity may not always be easy, it’s worth the effort for your health and longevity.

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