Eating avocados could promote more exercise, suggests new study

Eating avocados could promote more exercise, suggests new study

Do you like avocados? Good news! If yes, you might be moving around more than others. According to a recent study, people who eat more avocados are likely to do more exercise. Let’s dig into this.

This interesting tie-up between eating avocados and exercising was part of a larger study. Researchers wished to find out if eating avocados made people move more and sit less.

Avocados impact on activity in Hispanic/Latino families

The study looked at 72 Hispanic/Latino families—a total of 235 participants. Family members’ ages varied from as young as 5 to as old as 88.

Over six months, the families received avocados each week. Some got a lot—14 avocados—while others only got 3. The researchers then watched what happened.

Wondering about the results? It’s fascinating! The families eating more avocados ended up doing more physical activities. They moved more, walked more, and even exercised more. It’s important to note that this change was particularly seen in adults.

Younger family members—children and teens—did not show a significant change in their activity levels.

There’s good news for the couch potatoes too—the study didn’t see a major change in the time spent sitting or lying down. Folks were not forced to abandon their love for leisure time.

What about weight and blood pressure? Did they improve with all this movement? Surprisingly, no serious changes were noticed there.

Here’s an interesting observation from the study—families who ate a lot of avocados, around 4 per week, didn’t lose weight. Considering an average avocado has about 250 calories, this might explain why. But don’t panic! The study emphasizes that they didn’t gain weight either.

Not a Fitness Cure-All, But Certainly Helpful

The study was published on on January 16, 2024. Their team of experts go through research papers, interpret the findings, and present them in a way that anyone can grasp. The team proudly avoids using computer aids or artificial intelligence to ensure that the quality of their content stays high.

So, what can we take from this? If you adore avocados, there seems to be a lovely bit of bonus to it. Eating this fruit could inspire you to move more, encouraging you to indulge in activities, walking, or even heartier exercise. So, the next time you slather avocado on toast or blend it into a smoothie, take a moment to appreciate this green wonder.

Keep in mind, avocados aren’t magic fruits promising instant fitness. The study simply highlights an intriguing correlation between eating avocados and moving more. It suggests that consuming avocados might motivate some people to get off the couch and be a bit more active. Though it wouldn’t hurt to consult with a health professional for advice related to diet and exercise.

In summary, the research brings a fresh and interesting viewpoint to healthy living. Eating avocados might just give rise to more active lifestyles. A simple change in diet may lead to better long-term health. If there’s a takeaway from this surprising find, it’s that avocados are not just for good eating; they might be a fantastic addition to a healthy, active life.

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