6 Tips To Lead A Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle

6 Tips To Lead A Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle

Maintaining a lifestyle that finds balance between eating well, exercising enough and being satisfied with it can be tricky. It’s easy to under or overdo it, which is never good for you. Finding middle ground is not just healthier but can also be maintained in the long term, unlike a crash diet or juice cleanse. These 6 tips can help you find that balance so that your healthy lifestyle benefits your body and mind.

1. Eat Mindfully

It’s important to distinguish between eating when you’re hungry and eating for the sake of it. When you’re stressed, angry or happy, avoid using food as a coping mechanism as it’s a habit that can easily go out of control and lead to eating disorders in the future. Turn off the TV and social media while eating as it will only distract you further. Be mindful of the food you’re eating, which will allow you to understand when you’ve eaten enough.

2. Schedule Exercise

You’ve heard about the importance of exercise over and over again and that’s because it is just that important. Regular exercise isn’t just beneficial to the body but also for the mind. The flow of happy hormones produced is the reason they call it a ‘runner’s high.’ Like you schedule meetings or dates, do the same with exercise and we promise, your body will never be more thankful.

3. Don’t Skip

In the quest to lose weight, don’t skip your meals. Not only will you deprive your body of much-needed nutrients, it will also leave you ‘hangry’. You know, anger caused when you’re hungry. Besides that, skipping meals tends to make you overeat on your next meal. Instead replace your regular meals with more proteins and vegetables and less sugar.

4. Replace Drinks

While it’s tastier to sip on a soda with lunch or juice with your breakfast, replace all of it with water. The benefits of water are innumerable and have been raved about for years. It will refresh and invigorate you without adding any empty calories.

5. Give In

You’re human and from time to time, you will get cravings for junk food and chocolate. Remember that part of a balanced lifestyle is giving in to cravings so treat yourself to them occasionally; just remember that occasionally isn’t everyday.

6. Portion Control

Tasting everything at the dinner table is a great idea. The only rule to keep in mind is controlling how much of it you eat. Mindfully take pieces that are big enough to taste and enjoy but not to overindulge. Portion control allows you to set limits and stick to them.

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