How to motivate yourself to exercise and other winter fitness tips from Sam Wood

How to motivate yourself to exercise and other winter fitness tips from Sam Wood

How to motivate yourself to exercise is something plenty of people struggle with, especially when it comes to moving our body during the colder winter months.

But according to personal trainer Sam Wood that in itself is the mistake we’re making, as he reveals while answering ‘Nine Questions with 9Honey’.

“People look for motivation. I’m a big believer that habits are far more important than motivation,” the Founder of 28bysamwood tells 9Honey Coach.

“You’re much better off having good habits, like moving in the morning, doing your meal prepping on the weekends, whatever it might be, rather than relying on waking up every day fresh and hoping that magically there’s motivation.”

Wood adds: “That’s just not going to give you consistency and it’s consistency that gives you results.”

Research shows people exercise for an average of eight minutes less during the cooler months, and Wood says he sees the results of that every year.

“I see it firsthand. People come flooding into my gym or onto my 28 program every September and they’re frustrated with themselves that they’ve put on a few kilos or lost their momentum when it comes to fitness,” he says.

The best advice is just keep yourself moving any way you can.

“As hard as it is through these winter months… it doesn’t mean you have to be training every day, but if you can keep some momentum so you even break even during this time, that’s a win.”

As for his favourite way to workout in winter, Wood says he doesn’t mind rugging up to face the elements, but simply working out at home is also a great option.

“I think if you can roll out of bed and you’ve got your workout gear laid on the floor ready to go. And you can get into a workout without having to get in the car and find a car park and go to the gym, it really is wonderful from a consistency perspective and you’ll find you’re doing it more days, than not.”

Of course, exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to keeping healthy during winter. It is a fact that we tend to crave heavier ‘comfort’ foods when it’s colder, but Wood suggests not to scrap the summer salads altogether.

“My nutrition tips during winter would be embrace salads, but put in some sweet potato or some nuts, or mix it up a little bit with some seasonal fruits and seeds,” he says.

He’s also a big fan of the slow cooker.

“I love putting in heaps of veggies and a good source of protein and you start it in the morning and you get on with your day and then it’s cooking throughout the day and it’s a beautiful dinner.

“And then there’s some delicious soups as well, but packed full of veggies and nutrients. Great for the kids because you get a lot of healthy stuff in there for the kids and they don’t realise it!”

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