6 Foods That Are Disrupting Your Gut Health

6 Foods That Are Disrupting Your Gut Health

Diet plays a significant role in determining gut health. Making healthy food choices can ensure normal bowl movements

The gut plays a crucial role in our immune system, metabolism, digestion, and overall health. The gut is home to millions of beneficial bacteria, which help in breaking down food particles and absorbing nutrients. Diet plays a significant role in determining the health of the gut and the bacteria living in it.

Certain foods can worsen gut health by disturbing the balance of bacteria, causing inflammation, and increasing the risk of gut-related diseases. To help us avoid foods that are bad for the gut, nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares list of foods that might be worsening your gut health.

6 Foods that might be negatively affecting your gut, according to the nutritionist:

  1. Sugar eliminates healthy gut bacteria, which can cause inflammation in the body.
  2. Because our bodies are not designed to process (digest) artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners can trigger an immune response causing inflammation.
  3. Saturated fat, a key feature of fried foods, is also hard on the gut, making these foods more difficult for your body to digest.
  4. UPFs are characterized by higher amounts of salt, fat, sugar, and the presence of different food additives. High consumption of ultra-processed food can change the gut microbiota and lead to inflammation.
  5. Vegetable oils have a high ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids can cause bloating and inflammation and damage to the intestinal lining
  6. Too much alcohol can damage the gut lining and increase endotoxin production. It could also lead to dysbiosis or bacterial overgrowth, which may cause problems like poor digestion, acid reflux, and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

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