Positive thinking can  make life easy, joyous

Positive thinking can make life easy, joyous

Besides, the process of thinking optimistically holds several physical health benefits such as better stress management and longer life

The brain is like a velcro for negative experiences and teflon for positive experiences. The modern world that we live in is nonstop and intense. The human brain is complex, i.e. it’s a mixture of feelings and emotions that one experiences while struggling to achieve a certain end in life and is likely unknowable in its entirety. However, despite all such emotions, a way to better times ahead is the art of positive thinking.

Positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that focuses on the good and expects results that will benefit an individual instead of expecting the worst. It is the optimistic attitude or approach that leads a man on the path of success and prosperity and distinguishes him from a negative thinker who keeps expecting the worst. Several studies show that having a positive approach even in difficult times has resulted in a positive impact on an individual’s mental and physical health in comparison to a negative thinker.

The process of positive thinking holds several physical health benefits such as better physical health, stress management, longer life span, better pain tolerance, more resistance to illnesses, thereby creating an environment full of positivity resulting in a transformation of negative energy to a positive one. A positive mind anticipates happiness, health, joy, and a successful outcome of every situation and action and works wonders like magic. One who thinks that with self-confidence, perseverance, determination and hard work will overcome failure and win.

It is said, fortune favours the brave. Life is a big battleground, and one must fight it fearlessly. Many a time an individual might come across unavoidable circumstances that can make or break them. There will be many setbacks that cannot be ignored but one must strive to fight them with confidence, positive attitude and determined and concentrated efforts. When an individual goes through challenging situations, it’s important to stay positive and try to never give up.

Maintaining good and healthy relationships with family, friends and peers, accepting change as a part of life and adopting it, taking immediate action on problems rather than just hoping they will disappear or someone will resolve them are a few ways that distinguish an optimist. It’s the thoughts of an individual that play an important part in an individual’s values and beliefs, which influence the quality of personal relationships and how one views the world at large. Also, it’s how an individual learns to turn difficult times into opportunities for growth and improvement.

It’s the thoughts that affect actions. Actions which in turn, translate into whether one will succeed — in their career, relationships and life or not. One needs to learn to stop gossiping about others, learn to remove negativity and drama from life and mind, stop waiting for the right opportunity to become the best version of oneself and just start acting it along with happily accepting a few problems that cannot be fixed or have no end to it.

Never forget the self-belief and know that this isn’t the end of the road. Learn to let go of what’s not serving and start taking control of the circumstances. The only thing in life an individual can control is themselves. A person cannot control every event – but can control their reaction to them. Once a person learns to empower themself to change that’s when they are ready for the power of positive thinking. If negative factors stay around long enough, they need to be disposed of for they bring in anger, depression, high blood pressure, increased chances of heart attacks and negativity in life. Positive thinking is a universal concept of continuous hard work, self-determination, hard work and perseverance and not a one-night affair that can remove negativity and a pessimistic approach thereby making life easy, full of joy and happiness.

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