Top 9 Simple Body Fitness Tips

We watch many fitness related TV shows or DVDs for getting a brief knowledge or fitness tips. To sit and read books related to fitness and health-related topics take time and patience. Fitness is best defined as whatever works best for us. Staying fit also enthusiast and inspires us to maintain a healthy life style. For keeping ourselves healthy, we should follow a step-by-step procedure that guides us through the basic concepts and internal aspects of health. So we need to include exercise regimens, meditation sessions, diets, motivational courses and so on.

Fitness tips mainly revolve around health, exercise, weight loss and nutrition. It may include various sports injuries and ways of preventing them, few common exercise methods, bodybuilding, dieting, methods to overcome tension and stress. Fitness tips apart from giving common health information it also focuses on the pros and cons which should be kept in our mind to preserve a healthy routine.

Sometimes unreliable fitness tips results in heath consequences, so one must be very cautious before following any fitness regime. It is better to take the advice of an expert before adopting any tip.

Body Fitness Tips:

Following are few basic body fitness tips which every one can follow with ease.

Eat correctly:
Follow a balanced so that you can receive all the nutrients equally. Avoid refined carb as they increase the blood sugar levels ultimately producing excess insulin in our body which are more responsible for holding on to fat stores making it harder for us to lose them.

Do basic stretching exercises:
You might not realize the importance of stretching until you start getting a back pain due to long sitting hours in office. There are six basic stretching exercises which includes neck movements, arm stretch, back stretch, shoulder shrug, eye blink and leg stretch.

Train yourself for a fun run:
Maintaining a long-term running program without a specific goal in mind is hard to follow. Sometimes many people feel bore doing the same thing alone and they end up by slowing the running program. The solution of this program is to add fun in the program like running in your local area either alone or with friends or listing songs while running. One must at least take eight weeks to train fully and stick to a strict and consistent program.

Skipping/Rope Jumping:
It burns calories 600 – 900 calories/hour. Skipping is hard work but it burns 600-900 calories per hour. You can try increasing the duration of skipping by adding few simple exercises in it like jumping low (allowing the rope to pass underneath your feet). For many people it is difficult to skip for one hour continuously, so alter your skipping by including few other simple exercises along with it.

Gardening is often thought as leisure but it burns 250 – 300 calories/hour. So doing gardening not just only keeps your garden beautiful it keeps us calm and relaxed too.

Show your body some love:
Pampering yourself is a very good way of providing relaxation and relief to our body. Giving a sufficient amount of time for pampering yourself encourages the muscles that are tight or sore from training. By pampering yourself by having a regular massage or going for spas or doing yoga rewards your body for its hard work. It gives relaxation and releases immense amount of energy which keeps you full of life all day long.

Work your core:
Almost every exercise, from squats to push-ups, has a core component. So add few core-specific moves, such as planks and core climbers in your workout regime and you’ll see results.

Do twists:

Don’t stick with only machines for fitness. Avoid the machines for a healthy change and alter them by using few free weights and by adding few twists train your body in the similar way you use your body in real life. A controlled twist works great for your core and oblique. Perform these twists with control and avoid them immediately if you experience any back pain.

Balance your workouts:
Have a proper workout regime. Don’t work just on certain parts of the body neglecting the other parts. Don’t favor the upper or lower body. Try to work equally on both the areas or else you will end up looking like a vitamin deficiency person with unequal figure.

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