Fashion tips on the right workout wear for your body

While exercising can greatly benefit your health in many ways, keeping the right activewear in your checklist can result in a productive fitness session and bring promising results. Here are some fashion tips on how to choose the right workout wear for your body

Your body’s fitness is extremely crucial for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle as according to a study, those who set aside time to exercise daily were found to be happier and more successful than those who didn’t. The survey found out that 75% of the 2000 respondents who exercised at least once a week were happier and successful than the rest and if you are a regular exerciser, following different kinds of workout routines like a sweaty gym session or practicing yoga outdoors, picking the right clothes becomes important.

Having the right activewear not just boosts your confidence and enhances your looks, but also results in a productive and healthy workout. Wearing the right clothes lifts your mood, keeps you motivated, protects you from excessive sweating and smelling bad, makes you flexible, prevents injuries and maintains your body’s temperature.

The right activewear is an investment in your health as it can benefit you in multiple ways such as improving your blood circulation and providing oxygen to working muscles, resulting in better recovery, endurance and improved power. Also, it provides you complete comfort to improve your concentration to perform the exercises to the best of your ability.

So in picking the right workout clothes, you should carefully evaluate all the aspects to achieve your fitness goals fast and easily. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anand Singh, Fashion Design Manager at DaMENSCH, suggested the following tips:

1. Choosing the right fabric

While shopping for your workout clothes, invest in fabrics that are light, comfortable, and sweat-wicking. The workout regimes result in excessive sweating so you should choose the ones which dry moisture away fast to help you stay fresh and energized. The moisture perspiring from the body needs to evaporate to regulate your body temperature. You can choose fabrics with high-performance microfibre which are designed to help you in exercises, dry easily, prevent bad smell and keep you cool and comfortable. Polyester, spandex, poly-dri, nylon, etc. are some of the good examples which are durable, moisture wicking and provide enough flexibility during workouts.

2. Yes, quality matters

As clothes provide you safety against injuries during exercising, you should never compromise in quality. Also, the mediocre clothes hold the moisture for long and may irritate your skin and can lead to infections, rashes, and itching. These materials are not designed to help you in exercises and may disturb your body’s natural temperature, leading to dehydration, fatigue or burnouts. On the other hand, high-quality fabrics accelerate your performance by providing the flexibility to perform full range of motions, helping in maintaining right posture, and enduring rigorous training for improved performance.

3. Know what the weather demands

A healthy routine has to be maintained throughout the year. Long investments can only give you promising returns in the future. It is essential to be ready to work out in every season and you should keep a set ready to fit the weather conditions. The summer season asks for comfortable, cool clothes that easily wick the sweat away. On the other hand, the rainy season brings the challenge of avoiding extra moisture to prevent infections, allergies and skin diseases. So, you should keep clothes that keep you dry and make you feel fresh. Also, keeping different clothes of different colours eliminates the hassles of washing clothes daily and provides many options to look different every day. Moreover, you should keep warm clothes in your closet in the winter season especially if you exercise in outdoor settings. Dressing in layers is always suggested so that you can remove clothes as per your body’s temperature to stay energized and motivated.

4. For right form and flexibility

Maintaining the right posture with flexibility is very important to get your body in the right shape and prevent injuries. The right clothes can provide you unmatched comfort and flexibility to help you stretch better and lift weights with easy movements. It leads to unrestricted movements and also facilitates your muscle recovery. The clothes made of fine fabric provide a soft touch to skin and result in hassle-free workouts.

While exercising can greatly benefit your health in many ways, keeping the right workout wear in your checklist can bring promising results. So next time you step out to exercise, make sure you wear the right clothes to look good, stay energised and motivated throughout the workout session.

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