8 Top Fitness Tips For Teen Girls And Boys

8 Top Fitness Tips For Teen Girls And Boys

Teenage years are indeed the best period of our life. It is the time when you can try some real and valuable aspects that help pave the way to the bright future!

With lot of free time at their disposal, they can develop interesting hobbies, try different sports and make new friends, among others.

However, teenagers these days are leading unhealthy lifestyles. Poor diets, smoking, alcohol drinking, sleep deprivation and lack of exercise are leaving more teenagers at greater risk of lifelong ill-health.

High levels of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness have become a normal part of teenage life.

“More than 80% of American teens have a poor diet and many are not physically active,” says U.S. Researchers.

Teenagers these days are spending more and more time indoors and indulge in unhealthy habits including binge eating, high phone usage and sitting for long hours.

These can be a quite cause for concern and you may have serious issues at your disposal.

At this very juncture, we bring some health and fitness tips that help teenagers to stay active and healthy.

Top Fitness Tips for Teen Girls and Boys

1) Healthy Diet
It is normal for teenagers to feel hungry and have high cravings for food. As a response, many teens binge eat.

Take control of how much and what type of foods you eat. Try to avoid foods high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats, and prefer fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat protein foods and fat-free or low-fat dairy foods.

2) Reduce Screen Time
One of the most concerning factors of the teenagers these days is that most of them spend almost all their waking hours behind screen.

Whether texting on smartphones, or watching movies on laptops, or scrolling through social media, their electronics use is quite of control.

Reduce the screen time by setting clear time limits for electronic gadgets’ usage. Try to indulge in a variety of free-time activities including physical activity, extracurricular activities, socialising and sleep.

3) Strength Training Exercises
Strength training exercise is the best option for the teenagers as it helps them to improve their bone density and strengthen tendons.

It also improves overall fitness, burns more calories and enhances mental strength.

4) Spice Up Workout Routines
One of the best ways to ensure you stick to your workout routine is to make the exercise sessions less boring and more enjoyable.

Constantly changing and constantly challenging workout routine is a good exercise plan. Try different sports as a part of your routine exercise plan every day.

5) Stay Hydrated
In general, a teenager needs at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. Ensure to keep your body hydrated all the time as it can regulate your body temperature, transport nutrients and compounds in blood and helps in removing toxins.

You can also try fruit and vegetable juices, milk and herbal teas to keep hydrated.

6) Fitness Apps
Adhering to the fitness routines plays a vital role in protecting your teenage life from health conditions like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, especially in these days of unhealthy lifestyles.

Fitness applications will help you stick to the fitness plan by recreating the best programs and exercises for you.

It helps you track your progress, daily diet and footsteps, monitor calorie intake, set realistic goals and check heart rate.

7) Go Outdoors
Adopt a practice of spending some time outdoors in some sort of games or physical activities including a simple walk, jogging and hiking.

Teens who involve in more moderate-to-vigorous outdoor activity have better health and social functioning than the others.

8) Get Sleep
Many scientific researches show that many teenagers are suffering from chronic sleep deprivation.

Teenagers need more sleep as their minds and bodies are growing quickly. To be at their best, the teenagers must sleep for 7 to 9 hours per night.

Watch less TV and spend less time with your electronic gadgets. Listen to your body – if you are tired, get sleep.

In Conclusion The aforementioned fitness tips will help you as a teenager to stay fit, active and healthy. It will also ensure your teenage life is well-protected from almost all the lifestyle related illnesses that affect the millennial population in the present world.

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