Opinion: The power of positive thinking

Opinion: The power of positive thinking

Every action we take is closely connected to our thoughts, because we think before taking any action. For example, before cooking, going somewhere or studying, we think and plan these actions and tasks. The very first and the biggest motivation to do any act comes from our positive thoughts. Before sharing our goal with a friend or family, we first think about it and if we think negatively, we will be demotivated and will believe that we cannot do this work. In that case, achieving the target is unlikely as we will not even make efforts to achieve it.

If we think positively about something, then even if the whole world demotivates us, it will not matter to us. But if we think negatively, even if the whole world motivates us, we will not be able to do anything because of our negative thoughts holding us back. Negative thoughts lock us up like a bird in a cage and then, no matter how many people say to this bird that it can fly in the sky, it will not be able to fly.

To reach our destination, we have to go step by step. For example, if someone dreams of becoming a doctor, it is not like they will become a doctor immediately. They have to move towards this goal step by step, by first finishing school and college, and after getting the required grades, they need to clear the university admission test before starting on the actual journey of becoming a doctor.

However, if that child gets negative thoughts, such as considering biology or science subjects as very difficult, the child will give up the dream of becoming a doctor before even starting on the journey towards it.

Negative thoughts are one of the main reasons why so many people’s dreams remain unfulfilled. On the other hand, positive thinking provides determination and gives us hope. One tree can make one million matchsticks, but one matchstick can burn millions of trees. Similarly, one negative thought can waste all our hard work and make us a failure.

We have heard that the stronger the foundation, the more durable the building will be, and it will be able to withstand earthquake and other such natural disasters. In the same way, a person who thinks positively and has confidence in himself is almost impossible to defeat, as such a person can face all difficulties and challenges with determination and a positive attitude.

Sometimes, remaining positive in difficult circumstances is not easy – like taking a medicine is a little difficult because it is bitter, but it heals us in the end. In the same way, positive thinking is a little difficult, but it leads us to success. Whenever a negative thought comes to mind, just replace it with a positive thought.

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